About Captain Don Williams

Captain Don Williams has a diverse background. He served in the United States Marine Corps and worked in law enforcement for the state of Alabama. After retiring from law enforcement, he began preparing for his next career, that of a charter boat captain. He worked to earn his USCG Master’s License to enhance his skill in fishing the gulf coast.

Captain Williams and his first mate have decades of experience fishing the Florida Gulf Coast. This experience includes all types of fishing techniques and a wide range of species.

Cynthia Lynn IV

The Cynthia Lynn IV is a 32-foot Twin-Vee Catamaran with 600 horsepower. There are many advantages of the dual-hull boat over the traditional single hull boat including increased stability. You’ve never experienced a smoother ride than you will on this catamaran.

The Cynthia Lynn is one of the faster fishing boats in the area with a cruising speed of 26 to 28 knots. That means you will enjoy the smooth ride and at that speed, it doesn’t take long to get to the best fishing spots. With a lot of boats, it’s 2-3 hours from the time you leave the dock until you have a line in the water. The speed of the Cynthia Lynn adds several hours of fishing time to every trip.

The boat is equipped with the finest safety equipment available. The safety devices on the Cynthia Lynn far exceed the standards set by the Coast Guard. No boat on the water is more concerned with your family’s safety than we are. We have the latest Garmin technology including radar, weather radar, communications, GPS, and satellite. Instruments, autopilot and fishfinding equipment is also state-of-the-art.

With a 12-foot beam, a group of six has plenty of armroom to fish and have room to move around. The boat has all the amenities including a large cabin, large ice chests and bathroom onboard. We use only high-quality, name-brand tackle and gear. With full sun protection, you can enjoy the warm Florida gulf breezes in comfort.

It would be hard to find a faster, smoother, better-equipped boat than the Cynthia Lynn. You won’t find a safer boat.